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Ugh. [Mar. 22nd, 2007|02:33 pm]

I applied to three different places for a debt consolidation loan. One that sent me an invite in the mail, Bank of America, and my own bank where my checking account is. The first two didn't say why they denied me, but that they'd send me a letter in the mail. GTE did tell me why, though.

It's funny, I want to kick the walls, and at the same time laugh. They said "Your credit is good (due to me making my credit card payments on time despite the staggering debt), but... $23k is too much we can offer you for an -unsecured- loan".


I have that much debt now, and it's not like what I'd pay towards the loan each month would differ greatly from what I'm paying now (give or take $100-200). It's not like I'm asking for an EXTRA $23k in credit line to BLOW.

They said "If you have a free and clear car title that's worth the amount in loans you're asking for, we could do a secured loan". MY CAR ISN'T WORTH $23k. Arrrrgh. Or they suggested a home equity loan. LOL Does it look like I own a fucking house?

My mom is looking into a second home equity loan in the coming months, but for HER. She's been renovating her house since her first home equity loan. Of course, some weeks ago I asked if she might take my debt into her second loan, but at the time we weren't looking at 23k (this was before I decided to plunge ahead into dental work and treating my acne). We're going to talk about what to do RE: my debt consolidation issues when I get home from work later today.

This is proving thoroughly aggravating.

[User Picture]From: _variable
2007-03-26 10:49 am (UTC)
I can't even get a 5k loan for school and expenses. so, I guess I'll quit my job so I have more time for studying and homework, and have more credit card debt because I need it for food, and see how they like it! :)
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