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Friends are funny sometimes. - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Friends are funny sometimes. [Oct. 5th, 2006|12:25 am]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

Tonight at work, an Asian guy came through my line. Not just any ol' Asian guy, LOL. Anyway, I saw he had a Lindburgers shirt on (a new restaurant near my ex's parents that for months had a "coming soon" sign up, but never seemed to open, but I guess it's been open for a while now, lol), so we bullshitted that for a couple minutes. But oh gawd, he had WAIST LENGTH (obviously black) hair, and I think that alone is what I fell in love with, lol.

I turn to Erika who was at another register, and said "Did you see the guy who just came through my line?". lol I was such a dork. I'm guessing Casey overheard, because apparently while he was on break or something, he ran into that guy at the Chinese restaurant at the other end of our plaza. All night I kept asking him if he was kidding... but Casey mentioned to this guy that "one of the cashiers thinks you're hot". He asked which one, guessed a little bit, then finally said "The one with all the pimples?" LOL I wanted to keel over when Casey was telling me all this, in private. (Thank god I'm going to see a dermatologist for Accutane soon, hahaha... that and extensive dental work, joy.) Anyway, I can't remember many details, but I guess he thought I was nice. Casey mentioned how I have Olivia, and he asked "By adoption?" "No, her daughter with her ex." "Ohhh, (insert something about 'that kind of girl, huh?') I don't think it was said in a bad way, lol. "Well, I'll just have to drop by her line again sometime."

lol hahaha omg I so didn't think Casey would do something like that. And that was after I joked to him that he could find me an Asian guy, because he asked what I wanted for a (belated) birthday present. I didn't expect it to go that far, in fact, I probably would've forgotten about the guy within a day or so.

[User Picture]From: crysalis
2006-10-06 02:41 pm (UTC)
Er... Ok, but that guy sounds like a bit of an ass. The comment about "the one with all the pimples" really bothers me. Couldn't he think of a better/nicer/more tactful way to describe you? Defining someone by something like that is pretty damn rude and shallow.

Also, the "one of those kind of girls" comment rubs me the wrong way as well. Just because you have a daughter and are no longer with her father doesn't make you a bad person.

But, it's still nice of your friend to try to set you up I guess. Just make sure you don't settle for someone that is less than the best.
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[User Picture]From: shinwachou
2006-10-06 09:01 pm (UTC)
Also, the "one of those kind of girls" comment rubs me the wrong way as well

Er, I did say I couldn't remember the exact words told to me. ^^; IIRC, when he said that, he wasn't referring to the fact that I *have* a kid; but rather, the fact that Casey told him she's half-Chinese... you know, the fact I like Asian men, lol.

Yeah, I was thinking "hey, now!" when I heard that's what he said to figure out who I was (re: the "pimples" comment) when Casey approached him about what I'd said. But from what I can tell, I'm not sure he said it to be an ass. I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt (or however that saying goes), especially since Casey said "Well, I'll just have to come by the store again, huh?", or something like that.

Besides, had Casey not went up to him like that, I probably would've forgotten about him by now, haha. All I was doing was admiring the guy for his hair and good looks. ;) Nothing more. :P
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