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Missing Olivia [Sep. 5th, 2006|02:37 am]

I miss my little girl. She comes home from a trip to NY with Hsiaokwai's parents sometime this week. They left somewhere a little under 2 weeks ago, as Olivia was a flower girl in his cousin's wedding, plus they visited other family as well. My mom had her for a week also when I was vacationing in Alabama, so I largely haven't seen Olivia except for roughly 2 weeks in-between my mom having her and his parents having her, since the beginning of August.

At first, I did cherish my time without her, namely when his own mother and sister(?) took her, as I could sleep in most days without worrying about her and could otherwise focus more on school work and chores, et cetera. But even so, I found I didn't know what to do with myself with Olivia not being around, despite the fact her absence allowed me to focus more on other things.

And now, I'm really missing her. Were they all asking to take her on purpose, to prepare me for when I move out of this apartment and no longer have her around everyday? Some kind of sick joke if you ask me...

Tomorrow I have classes all day, and then I close at work... Wednesday I have a dentist appointment then work later in the evening... Thursday I have classes all day again, and usually go out on Thursday nights but not until late evening... usually we drop Olivia off on Tuesday and don't pick her up until Thursday to save on gas. Which means even if they came back into the area today, I wouldn't see her probably until late Thursday night or Friday.