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Non-support [Jul. 1st, 2006|07:06 pm]
So in my last post I mentioned going to Japan for a couple weeks, within the next two years, probably during the summer next year.

I was telling my mom of the possibility, and she goes "Well you're always bitching about money, so how can you go" or something like that, and "You need to spend time with your daughter". Uh, by next summer, I *won't* be bitching about money (I've told her this and I thought she understood), and I didn't know summer was now only 2 weeks long instead of 12. It's not even until a year from now. I want to go then, because it may be several years from that point before I could do such a thing again.

Lately it seems that her support for anything is dwindling, and Hsiaokwai hasn't exactly been my rock of support in months, either. No respect for my choices, decisions, way I do things, etc. Nothing but double-standards, mostly from him.

I don't know. People just don't give me enough credit with my judgement, among other things. It's really disheartening.