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Post-graduation treat - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Post-graduation treat [Jul. 1st, 2006|02:45 am]
So i'm not graduating Palm Beach Community College until spring of 2008.

But with using the 3 grants and loans i'm getting for the '06-'07 year, my credit card debt will be eliminated (with personal funds as well). I'll most likely get the same aid package for the '07-'08 school year, too.

Although I've been in a lot of stress lately (see my last post), and seeing my relationship potentially dissolve in front of my eyes, there is a shining light for me. Financially, at least. (If only an awesome paying job were part of that equation.)

I'd like kid #2 someday, but at this point I don't know when that'll be (largely because of my relationship problems that have been going on for months), but...

My main point of this entry is that my longing to visit Japan will most likely materialize within the next couple years! :D (Hopefully elix can go with me, hehe.) I would go for two weeks; anything less is out of the question. =P I'm able to do this though because of the grants. ^^; Whatever is left over is going into a college fund for my kid(s).

Umm it could be as soon as next summer, lol. Anyone want to go with me? Huh huh? It would help my hotel bill. ;P You'd have to share a bed, though. ;) Or something.

One of these days I have to go to Greece with my friend Natalie. I've been promising her for *years*, lol.