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Finances [Jun. 1st, 2006|03:10 am]
Because they've been screwing with my hours for going on a month now, money is extremely tight with me, to the tune of not being able to fill my car's gas tank.

When I first started at Publix last October, i'd consistently gotten 30 hours average each week. But lately i'm lucky to see 20, if that. For a couple weeks it was 6 hours. This past week I was scheduled for 12 but came in for a few hours one day, and took over someone else's shift on another day. Next week i'm scheduled for 19 hours.

I like where I work, with the exception of my current direct manager, but I can't live on those hours. True, I don't pay rent or anything here, but lately it's getting really hard to keep afloat on my bills. I can't imagine trying to pay rent on these shitty hours, on top of everything else.

I'm sort of hesitant to leave because (overall) I do like my employer, but I'm getting increasingly tempted to apply at a couple places that can consistently give me better hours (and hourly pay).

I just never know what to do about anything anymore. Well, I have ideas, I'm just not sure about any of them.