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Things like my decision to use cloth -vs- disposable diapers, and to… - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 4th, 2005|12:32 pm]
Things like my decision to use cloth -vs- disposable diapers, and to do breastfeeding -vs- using formula, are things I believe are the best for my child (and indirectly for the environment).

Those are things that are done in the short run in the child's entire life. Choosing a name, however, is something that stays with them forever. He dared to compare my stubbornness for doing the above-mentioned things (he still thinks feeding is the only way to really bond), with his stubbornness for the names he wants to use. I think his logic is "You carried it for 9 months, so it's only fair I choose the name".

We still can't agree on a name. I suggest ones, he'll say no. He's stuck on "Mary" or any of it's deviations, or after him if it's a boy. Now and then, he'll suggest something else, and I may agree to it, but then he goes back to being stuck on Mary/Marilyn or Hsiaokwai.

Mary is a common name in both sides of my family. It's the middle name for both me and my mom, both grandmothers are/were named Mary, and my dad's sister is named that too. Not only am I against the name for this reason (I don't believe in name succession), but also because it's plain, plus it's a religious name. Bah. His own name means something like "King of the Dead Ghosts", or some shit. -_-; I don't know.


He thinks if we drag this out until the birth, that I'll give in and put the name on the birth certificate, because of not officially choosing a name yet. He thinks i'm stupid.

*pulls hair out* Why does this have to be difficult?