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Summary of 2004, and resolutions for 2005 (ha) - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Summary of 2004, and resolutions for 2005 (ha) [Jan. 1st, 2005|07:34 pm]
Summary of 2004

~ Fly back to Florida from California (New Year's Eve 2003)

~ Meet Hsiaokwai through Yahoo! Personals in March, and see him in person in April; begin dating him 2 weeks later (heh).

~ Crash a car that I was still in the process of transferring my name to.

~ Became pregnant around mid-May, don't find out until beginning of July when my expected "pill period" doesn't make its appearance.

~ Milestone #1: Kept a job through my birthday (and the second to last more than 3 months, only quit because of early maternity leave).

~ Milestone #2 (*BIG*): Managed to make my first real relationship last through both my birthday and New Year's. ;) Going on 10 months, baby!

~ Had a hurricane hit on my birthday. ;_; My birthday curses me.

~ Found out my license is suspended due to the aforementioned car crash (due to the still-owner apparently not having insurance on it), only when I finally decided to change the address on my license. Suspended as of the 22nd, until I get car insurance (or a non-owner's policy since I don't own a car), and post a $1300 security bond... thing.

Even though there's been quite a few notable moments this year, it's been very boring overall. A bit more stressful than past years, perhaps.

I already worry 2005 is off to a bad start, because... he didn't come to bed (as usual), missed going out for breakfast because he whined about sex, among a couple other things. I dunno, I just feel it jinxed the entire year.

Resolutions for 2005

I don't really have many, just to simply complete this Medical Billing distance-education program i'm doing (to get up off my ass and do) and get away from minimum-wage retail/fast food jobs.

I'm sure 2006 will have a ton more resolutions once I complete this task, heh.