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XD I'm am addicted to viewing my credit report, lol. My credit score… - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 13th, 2004|05:37 pm]
XD I'm am addicted to viewing my credit report, lol.

My credit score has jumped 30 points in the last 4-5 weeks alone, and 50 points total since I first checked it in early September. Woohoo~!

It went down a little in November, due to an inquiry not showing up until 3 months after the fact, but it wasn't much damage.

It went up because of my new Bank of America Visa (because it has a $5500 limit and apparently that looks good on credit reports) appearing on my credit report.

Now, I just need to keep inquiries down to a minimum, and keep a good cushion between my debt and credit limit on each card, and I'm good to go.

It feels good being only 20 and considered part of the lowest-risk group. :)

I went for my 29/30 week prenatal appointment today, and I learned I passed my 3-hour glucose tolerance test. *whew* I also found out I have a yeast infection, though (as I suspected). -_-;

I weigh 121, 7-8 pounds above my normal weight. My mom was like "YOU NEED TO GAIN MORE" (she only said that since today because I am getting further along in my pregnancy), but my doctor hasn't said anything, so, eh.

I really like this doctor, and I'm glad considering I randomly picked her from a directory online, lol. I can control almost everything concerning labor and delivery, with a couple minor exceptions of course.

Like, I can't get a "walking epidural" (liability reasons in FL). I can choose whichever laboring position I want, which *IS* good, but when the baby is about to actually be delivered, I've gotta be on my back. :(

I can also have my mom in addition to my boyfriend, and a couple other people there at the moment, if I wanted to. The doctor tries to avoid episiotomies, which is nice. She'll only let me go one week past my due date, though. (Hey now, I was 2 weeks late myself!) I told her I wanted to avoid inductions/C-sections if I could help it.

Next time, I should ask her if my boyfriend can cut the umbilical cord (if he wants to), and ask about donating the cord blood. I need to tour the hospital and view a video on pain relief (required) soon, though.

My next appointment is in 3 weeks, then it's every 2 weeks, then every week beginning at 36 weeks. o_O; When I told that to Hsiaokwai, he squealed in a "The baby is really coming!" way, heh.