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Friday night, I flew into Clearwater to visit my mom and such again.… - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 17th, 2004|02:06 pm]
Friday night, I flew into Clearwater to visit my mom and such again. Not only was my plane late again, but I had to be insulted, and pulled aside for extra screening. All because I had ketchup packets in my pocket for my chicken nuggets. Fuckers.

The first thing that me and her did was go to Babies R' Us, lol. And we couldn't help buying *something*, like a couple Halloween-themed rattles and a bib. I saw Chelsea at work, and naturally my stomach grew a lot more since last time I saw her.

I weighed myself while I was there, and have gained approximately 2-3 pounds (116 now), instead of my normal pre-pregnancy weight of 113-114. Let's see if that weight gain shows on the scales in West Palm, heh.

On Saturday, me and Chelsea were supposed to do something (I knew something would mess the day up). She woke up not feeling well, so slept until past 2pm, and she had to work at 4pm. :( We were going to see Wendy, and Chelsea's parents. Since it's my mom's turn to visit ME (in West Palm) at Christmas time, I probably won't visit Clearwater again for several months. Unless Hsiaokwai can peel his butt away for a weekend (like he was supposed to this time).

Me and my mom went shopping at the mall. She wanted to get me some more tops, that I can wear with my expanding belly (that I can wear now and after). It was really nice of her. Now my boyfriend might stop getting on my case about wearing more "girly" things. ^^;

But I gave Natalie a surprise call, and went to see her and Tess (mom) that night. I still hadn't told her up until the call. ^^; My mom blew it for me (I wanted to say it myself), yelling "She's having my grandchild!" in the background. Oi, mothers. ;P Her mom didn't find out until I got there, though. She's like "OMG CONGRATULATIONS". I never realized she was my age, when she had Natalie... and also conceived while on birth control. She gave me $100 for the baby. o_O; I was like "Wow". (So did Kathryn [$50], but I used that towards my credit card. ^^;;) Much like some people, she asked if we'd eve get married... I wish people wouldn't ask me that, it's ultimately not their concern. But I love them both to pieces, they're like my second family.

Me and Natalie went to see "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". It was a really good movie. We want her mom to see it, because the main character is just like her. (A pictures geek, she is.) When we returned to her house, I started my mom's van to go home. Apparently I hit what she calls "idiot switch" near the pedal when trying to start it. (Prevents car theft.) I'm freaking out and crying, but after 5 minutes finally get Natalie again and call my mom. We jumped the car, which made me feel better.

Well, that's all about my weekend. It was fairly uneventful overall, really.

*hugs lin_bai_mao* ;)