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So I'm at my mother's house now. It doesn't really feel like i've… - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 12th, 2004|07:43 pm]
[Current Music |Hamasaki Ayumi - Inspire (single)]

So I'm at my mother's house now. It doesn't really feel like i've left, but there's a very slight subtle nuance of it (very slight).

We went to McDonald's this morning, and I got two Egg McMuffins. :D A week ago, she teased me saying we'd go to Gilbert's store (remember the car fiasco). Punk.

I'm being domesticated. Domesticated by nostalgia. ;-; We went to Michael's and JoAnn's later, too. I got a knitting spool and yarn, some cross-stitch kits, and a latch-hook kit. I'll be helping paint some ceramics, too. Possibly some 100-pk blank CD spindles and a haircut, we'll see about that. With my own money, I'm going to buy planting seeds (sunflower, lima beans, etc). ^_^

Earlier, Hsiaokwai signed online, and he pretended to be someone else. I knew it must've been him fucking with my head, because nobody ever goes into his apartment (he's stingy about letting his own siblings in), but I still started freaking out anyway. He pretended to be some girl, but he stopped when he became able to tell I was freaking out. I told him I'm not letting him have sex with me on Monday. =P

You know, even though I've never been in a hurricane before, why does it seem like I'm one of the few people, who DON'T care a Category 2/3 storm is coming our way? ^^; And you know, it's really sad that I had *no* clue about these tropical systems until mid-afternoon YESTERDAY. Heh.

My mom used bribery tactics to get me onto her roof (had to seal a hole in our gas heater vent), and I told her what I told Hsiaokwai recently: "I won't give into the bribery, because then our relationship will only be based on that". Plus especially concerning her, i'd feel bad. ^^;

I still haven't told her I'm pregnant. I had Chelsea joke I should tell her when the hurricane is coming through, or right before she drops me off at the airport on Sunday night. The latter would be wrong to do. I have to tell her... and I wonder, is it her or me who is more chickenshit in doing things? I don't think she'll over-react, I think she'll be like Hsiaokwai's mom was (just concerned whether we can actually handle this), but eh.