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Tomorrow, early in the morning, I fly to Tampa to visit my mother… - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 11th, 2004|09:43 am]
Tomorrow, early in the morning, I fly to Tampa to visit my mother (and a few friends, eh), and I'll be there until late Sunday night. For a while, I was excited about it... but currently, I'm feeling more nervous and anxious. I'm especially nervous about telling my mom I'm pregnant -- I know she won't overreact, but, I'm almost fearful it'll ruin the "mood" of the weekend. :|

But as for today... well, I should be doing several things, but not ONLY am I lazy, but must keep laying down due to feeling "bleh". Find some things, shower, pack for visit, appointment at the health department, et cetera. I just hope, whatever this 'Maternity Intake' appointment is for, that I don't get a shot in the butt again.

You know, about the upcoming presidential election... I'm subscribed to a few news magazines (TIME, Newsweek, US & World News Report), and I honestly get sick of seeing articles for either candidate and Al-Qaeda/Iraq stuff. Does that mean I don't care? Not at all. It's just not something I care to read about over and over. I know I want Bush out of office, but it doesn't mean I want to read about Kerry 1000 times, either. Heh.

Anyway, continuing the topic, I'm reading these polls on whether Kerry or Bush is better for whatever thing, things of that nature. There's one poll that asks "What's the most important issue afecting your vote?" And, naturally, economy gets the top vote. Hey now, I think that's a great thing to be concerned for (seriously), but it really disturbs me, when I see "health care" basically voted as 'least important'. x_x; I mean, without GOOD health care, we won't have soldiers to fight our frivolous 'wars'. =P

[User Picture]From: aerialmelodies
2004-08-11 06:57 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've decided that they don't care about the American people, just how to get the most money in the sleasiest ways. Anything that affects us directly/personally is pushed to the backburner, and anything that has a $ is considered top priority. -_-;
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[User Picture]From: nebulosity
2004-08-13 02:24 am (UTC)
You got a shot in the butt? o_O;;; why...?

Note to self: never getting pregnant. ._.;;;;;;;;
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[User Picture]From: shinwachou
2004-08-13 06:09 am (UTC)
^^; You have to get a shot in your butt, if you're Rh-negative (like me). :x
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