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I never did write about last week, but I guess it wasn't important… - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 8th, 2004|04:57 pm]
[Current Music |Schwarz Stein - Artificial Hallucination (album)]

I never did write about last week, but I guess it wasn't important enough to still be remembered. =P

Fuck, I still have to call McDonald's Corporate, haven't done that yet. *smacks herself* Why? Gilbert gypped me out of my last paycheck. I went to pick it up, before I left with Hsiaokwai to West Palm Beach. I tried to avoid Gilbert, to get more of a guarantee of receiving the check. He expected me to make another payment for that car. He wouldn't take "I'll pay you in 5 days" for an answer (even though I never planned giving it to him). How can he legally hold my paycheck, aside from not turning in a fucking uniform? He can't bring outside-of-work personal problems into the workplace. After speaking to several people, including a paralegal, I'm not legally responsible whatsoever for that car. My mom loaned me $250, probably a little more than my paycheck actually was. Grr... why do I have to be so lazy (and antsy)? x_x;

Saturday, while Hsiaokwai was at work, a girl I met on love.com (Kiki) came over... with Soul Calibur 2. Heheh. We failed on the "Weapon Master"-mode journeys, and after she left, she let me borrow the game until I see her again. Hsiaokwai did what we couldn't, what a punk. At least we got all the characters unlocked, I think we've got them all. We saw the game at the mall on Monday, I wish I had money to buy it. =\

Moo... during the time I was waiting for Kiki, he called saying he wanted to take me somewhere, when he got home, and wouldn't tell me exactly where. Not long after Kiki finally arrived, we were on the phone still when I saw him pull into the parking lot. He wouldn't get out of the car, because he gets antsy around new people, and took off after we exchanged our phones (his cell was dying, and he took mine so I could call when Kiki decided to leave). He left for the beach, and that's where he wanted to surprise me by taking me there, but he couldn't because I had company. I felt so horrible, even though it was mostly out of my control. Kiki ended up needing a ride home, because her roommate was unreachable. She only lives in Boynton Beach, which isn't too far away. She's lucky, she lives off A1A, about 50 yards from the shoreline.

Sunday we were gonna go to the zoo, but we got there at 2:30, and it closed at 5. Admission was $7.50, and I admit I'm a bit stingy with my money nowadays. We started to leave, when Hsiaokwai made a point, that a 2 1/2 hour movie would cost exactly the same. I tugged on him to go back, but he refused. -_- We ended up seeing a movie afterwards, haha. Harry Potter 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban. It was a good movie, but the 'feel' of it was different. Not because the books get darker, but because there was a different Dumbledore, and a different director.

Man... yesterday was Hsiaokwai's 30th birthday. *smirks* Geez, nobody thinks a 29-year-old is old, but it's amazing how your mindset changes on the next birthday. =P <3 We went to Crazy Buffet. It had all kinds of quality Asian food, from sushi and pasta salad to sweet-and-sour chicken, so much more. It's not a typical buffet, the place looks upscale. Dinner is kind of pricey, at $18-20. Lunch is a bit cheaper, at $10. Even though I didn't eat much, I feel it was worth it to go there. We'll probably go once a month. ^_^ I didn't realize they had a restaurant in Tampa also. :(

I've started looking for jobs here. I'll probably start school next year, instead of this year. At least i'm following through with most, if not all, of my other goals this year. :)

[User Picture]From: tennyo
2004-06-08 02:00 pm (UTC)
SC2 should be coming out as a "Greatest Hits" soon, I think, so you'd only be spending $20.
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