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WHO DO I CHOOOOOOOSE??? - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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WHO DO I CHOOOOOOOSE??? [May. 13th, 2011|03:03 pm]
[Current Mood |OMGWTFBBQ]

 Just so everybody is clear, I totally blame my friend Rachell's wife for (perhaps unintentionally) making me get into hockey and more specifically the San Jose Sharks. =P Oh, and I also have to say I hope that you really like me and/or hockey, because I'm gonna be yapping a lot about hockey, Sharks, Canucks, and the Lightning [more on that later] for a while. ;D There are very few things that genuinely make me happy, and this is one of them so bear with me.

I have loved the Sharks since I got into hockey a handful of years ago. Not 100% sure why, I just seemed to gravitate towards them. [Hell, I love the California Bay Area a *lot*.] I never really cared at all for any other team, not even on a "better option than 'x' team" basis much less my 'home team'. But for some reason during the past year or two I have really grown to appreciate Vancouver's team and so I was happy when both them and the Sharks made it into this year's playoffs [for their respective conference]. Vancouver got rid of Chicago for me and San Jose got rid of Detroit during this playoff season. Mmm, now that's some sweet justice to my senses. haha

This year I have had some [perhaps silly?] concerns of "Who the hell do I root for if they both make it into the Western Conference finals??". I mean, seriously. lol. Right now, I love both teams [almost as] equally, with the Sharks being my #1 and Vancouver being my #2. I dared to imagine both teams in the conference finals. I didn't really believe myself that it would happen, but it did after Game 7 of the San Jose/Detroit semi-finals series last night. That game made me a veeeeeeery happy, happy girl for the first time in a while, you have no idea... it's a long stupid story. Unfortunately a few things managed to kill what should have been a non-killable mood. I went out to a bar with some friends while they did karaoke and I watched the game since my mom is always hogging the TV and she doesn't like hockey [I don't think she's a real Canadian LOL]. I was swearing at the bar's big-screen TV, I got that into this game. Kept getting picked on by my Michigan resident friends and/or Detroit fans hardcore. :(
I really don't like my 'home team'. I despise the Tampa Bay Lightning [me and my buddy Natalie have a friendly but intense rivalry going on, haha... kinda like with my Michigan friends as well =P] but not more than, say, Detroit or Chicago or Montreal. Since I first got into hockey, it's been my dream to see the Sharks and the Lightning battling it out for the Stanley Cup [with the Lightning losing, of course :)))]. Me and Natalie are good sports about the whole thing, but we're still dead serious, yo. Now, I would not necessarily mind Vancouver advancing, but you know how it goes... a long, deep-seated desire to see a particular outcome. So far during this year's regular and playoff seasons, it has been going exactly the way I have ever wanted it to go. Tampa played into the Eastern Conference finals, both Vancouver and San Jose played into the Western. All but one of my most disliked teams are *poof*. I save the team I personally want to really see gone... for last. :) 
Either way, if everything happens in a "best-case" scenario, San Jose will continue to kickass and Tampa will kick Boston's ass [so we can kick Tampa's later HAHA]. I was looking up the western conference schedule earlier, and if they get to Game 6 in the conference finals that game will be going on during me trip out to the area. I actually had plans anyway to travel there in a couple weeks to visit some friends and attend an anime convention, so even though it's obviously too late to buy playoff tickets it will still be awesome just being in the area