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And people say *I'm* a bad driver? Whatever... - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And people say *I'm* a bad driver? Whatever... [Oct. 30th, 2010|04:26 am]

 I hate when people get on me for my driving. I hate when they also act as backseat drivers, especially if they can't drive for shit themselves. (Have I ever said I hate hypocrites? Anyway.) "Oh, you've been in so many accidents!" Okay, only one where I was listed 'at-fault' (I don't think I was, but I digress), and the other one as a driver was 'not at-fault' (the one from this past summer). Everything else has been as a passenger. (*hinthint* at xochitl :p)

Me and my mom went to West Palm Beach today to pick up Olivia for the weekend. We're going south on I-275, right... just  approaching a three-way fork somewhere in the St Pete/Tropicana Field area--we were in the middle lane of the middle fork to continue down 275 towards the Skyway bridge. We'd been in the lane for at least 5 minutes (even used a proper turn signal when changing lanes :p), when seemingly out of nowhere a car appeared in the lane to the right of us. Apparently they lacked a brain, and vision, and their memory. I'm assuming they did not see us when they tried to get into the lane we were in, as when my mom briefly jerked the car to avoid a potential collision, they themselves jerked their car to re-orient their vehicle. The "lacking brain and memory" part comes into play when they tried AGAIN to get into our lane while we were STILL side-by-side with them. They appeared to try re-orienting their car again, but seemed to lose control of their car at that point and (I'm totally guesstimating here, I hate geometry and angles) careened at a 90 degree angle back towards the third fork (off-ramp to somewhere in St Pete) and smashed into the cement wall, probably at 70-80 mph.

After we both saw what happened, she asked if we should stop... but considering we were at a 3-way fork on a shoulder that would prove entirely difficult and unsafe to backtrack or stop on, I said keep going.  I muttered to myself "I hate my life", but other than that we didn't say anything else, at all or about that incident, for at least an hour or so. We both also apparently wanted to chain-smoke at that point, but we were good girls and didn't. 

Thankfully, the other car didn't actually hit us or otherwise make us join them in the crash. It's not like it was our fault they weren't paying attention, and it's not like we caused what happened to them or their car. My mom didn't quite understand the extent of why that car crashed until I told her later on in the drive.

And people wonder *why* I honk so much at people. *Somebody* has to let them know they're a stupid effin' driver, they can't go throughout life FOREVER not knowing they're a fucking idiot who shouldn't be allowed to hold a license.