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I'z haz'd a güd nite... - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I'z haz'd a güd nite... [Apr. 7th, 2010|03:12 am]
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Some funny moments from tonight-- the first one, a conversation with my ex (on my netbook at a bar :p); the others, moments from karaoke tonight at mah (said) local bar:

1) My ex was texting me about the correct pre-k end date for Olivia, as he got a handout from her school yesterday detailing it.

My response to him was "Blah".
Him: I figured you'd say that.. that, or meh
Me: Grr. Kill. RWARR
Him: ... Whoah I don't know that it deserves a rwarr! Maybe a grr -- but no kill or rwarr
Me: I know you had no idea, and I'm not mad at you. But you still get a GRR *and* a Kill & Rwarr. :p

It's funny (to me, at least) as "Grrz/Killz/Rwarrz" is something me and Eric typically say to each other... so our exchange tonight was funny, hearing him banter with me on that. ;p

2) [a] Eric S.: Oh no, its midnight.. (hinting it was time for him to head home soon)
Me: Oh no...! Its midnight! What, are you gonna turn into a pumpkin now? *smirk* Oh wait, you're already halfway there, anyway... (And I then pointed to his *naturally* red mop of hair.)

[b] I only overheard part of a conversation between my friends Jezebel and Natalie (with thy buddy 'Dark' sitting amongst us), but what I DID hear... well, I managed to mishear part of what I did hear.

Jez: I'm gonna knock you up[side the head].
Me: *turns to Dark, acknowledging the fact I misheard* I swear she just said (to Natalie), "I'm gonna knock you up!"

Well, me and him (and Jez) thought it was funny, anyway. pfft.

[c] The beauty of this, is the fact that A--someone, for once, was willing to humor me with this and B--that of either gender, it was a male (which is properly fitting considering the nature of the song that the lyrics are taken from.

And I don't remember how it came to happen.

Me & Dark: "Anything you can do, I can do better... I can do anything better than you."
Me: "No you can't!"
Dark: "Yes I can!"
Me: "NO you CAN'T..!"
Dark: "Yes I can!"

Ahh, I was on a roll tonight. My "humor" mojo is back. :)