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What to do, what to do... - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What to do, what to do... [Mar. 3rd, 2010|02:03 am]
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"He ate my heart, he ate ate ate my heart, and then he ate my braaaaain...."


Just some random musings. I've been considering doing a short vocational program (while in college for the larger goal of an associate's or bachelor's degree) so I could have a better shot at a decent job that pays well while I'm in college.

Today, I noticed my community college is starting a new pharmacy technician program. Much cheaper and shorter that that offered by the county vocational school (PTEC). Or an LPN program through said county vocational school.

Pharmacy technician program sounds appealing, because I miss my former pharmacy tech position with Walgreens. (Been unemployed for almost 2 years since that mother-fucking son of a bitch jerk ex-boss fired me for completely bullshit reasons.) Would be nice to not have to (totally) live off college financial aid. =\

Then when I got home today, I saw the community college in the county north of here offers a 3-4 month program to become a phlebotomy technician (think the people who stick needles in you to suck your blood).

=\ I can't decide.

Other than that, but regarding school-related matters, a math test we were supposed to have this Thursday got postponed until the Thursday after spring break (and spring break is next week). Which is half-bad, half-good news. Postponed or not, doomed. =\

In great news, got a 94% on exam 1 in psychology class today. :D :D Only one other exam for psychology this semester; hope I do well on that too (not to mention the term paper). :-)

Doing well otherwise. Recently bullshitted my way through a term paper for my world religions class in 3 days that I turned in (and was due) a few days ago. Rest of that class should be a breeze. Sociology class is going alright; teacher of that class has it structured so it's essentially self-paced. I've been slacking, but nothing that can't be caught up on easily.

So between psychology and sociology, only two term papers left to bullshit my way through. Math, however, is something that I can't BS my way through. :( I'm struggling. Out of 5 tests (plus the final), I've already failed the first two and I'm guessing I would have to score 90-100 on the last three tests and the final just to eke out a barely passing grade. :( Tired of repeating these damn math classes. Pre-algebra: 3 attempts. Ditto on Elementary Algebra. I want to get through this fucking math shit so I can get to the cool classes which unfortunately require a math background, like chemistry or biology or anatomy and physiology.