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"English for Everyone" - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"English for Everyone" [Aug. 30th, 2007|03:55 pm]
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Reading stuff like this saddens me. I have nothing against schools abroad and foreign countries encouraging and/or requiring their students and citizens learning (proficient) English. But the way this article is worded, makes it sound like everyone must know English at the expense of their native languages. I don't like this over-focus on English. "Speaking a language other than English? What a preposterous idea!" Soon you'll have foreigners insisting on speaking only English with you, when you'd really like to speak in Dutch, or something. I just hope all this insistence I'm placing on Olivia learning fluent Mandarin from my ex's parents doesn't go to waste. I'll be really disappointed if she doesn't keep using it as she gets older to continually re-inforce her knowledge of it. I know people who grew up learning a language from their parents/grandparents, but who forget most of it when they hit the teenage years and beyond. :(

Anyway, I got that job at Walgreens. I didn't realize I was already given the job when they handed me a form for the drug test. The pharmacy manager is supposed to call later with a schedule for me. This company seems to be perfect for me right now, and I'm happy I didn't have to be unemployed for more than just over a week.

lol My ex is funny. Every time we talk, I swear he converts everything into a math word problem. :p

[User Picture]From: nebulosity
2007-08-30 09:51 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you got the job, and I'm also happy to hear that you'll raise Olivia with an importance placed on mandarin. It might be hard for her to stay interested in mandarin as she gets older. My first boyfriend and his family were from Norway. When they moved here, his parents had to practically twist the arms of the little siblings to get them to speak Norwegian. :\ I hope that won't be the case for Olivia though.
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[User Picture]From: shinwachou
2007-08-30 10:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, this guy I knew (who ironically is half-Norwegian) learned German from his grandparents... but now he doesn't remember much.

Thankfully my ex still manages to speak conversational Mandarin, at least. Of course his parents speak Mandarin and like 5 other Chinese dialects fluently, but at least he still knows what he does. So that gives me a little bit of hope. I just think it's important not to get stuck on one language.
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[User Picture]From: _variable
2007-08-30 11:31 pm (UTC)
congrats on getting the job :)

On Olivia speaking mandarin, I do agree it's important she learn it, but I also think in the future if she decides she doesn't want to learn anything past conversational Mandarin it's ok, as long as she decides she will learn another second language anyway. I wish I took the time to really become awesome at French in HS, even if I hate it, because it's still useful and nice to have.

I think just her learning any second language is really important, but it would definitely be good if she learned one she could relate to and appreciate like that.
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