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Shinwa Chou: I'm 5'0", 110ish lbs., and look like i'm 14. *cries*… - 神話蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 23rd, 2004|12:49 am]
[Current Music |Cyber-X feat. KEIKO - be true]

Shinwa Chou: I'm 5'0", 110ish lbs., and look like i'm 14. *cries*
Shinwa Chou: Doooomed.
Mathowamew: o.o You're only five-foot?
Shinwa Chou: I measured myself yesterday
Mathowamew: o.o Holy fuck. I'd loom over you.
Shinwa Chou: ;.; It's horrible. Nobody will date me because everyone will think they're pedophiles
Mathowamew: -.- They can't help it if they're dating a minor.
Shinwa Chou: Grr.
Mathowamew: ^-^ *snickers*
Mathowamew: I'm 6'1"
Shinwa Chou: *dies*
Mathowamew: I'd SO loom over you.
Shinwa Chou: I could stand behind you, and be totally blocked from view ;.;
Mathowamew: ^_^ Yes, you probably could.
Mathowamew: Or you could stand in front, and I could pick you up making an excellent meat shield.
Shinwa Chou: What is it with people and picking me up?
Mathowamew: ^.^ 'cause you're so cute an' tiny!
Shinwa Chou: And what's with people and liking my belly? I swear I must turn every guy into a belly fetishist or something
Mathowamew: o.o I like your belly.
Shinwa Chou: Pssh
Shinwa Chou: Well, my aunt Sandra is under 5'0", and her now ex-husband was 6'0"+
Mathowamew: ^-^ I would fling you over my shoulder.
Shinwa Chou: ;.;
Mathowamew: And spin you around.
Mathowamew: Many times.
Shinwa Chou: bitch.
Mathowamew: ^.^ You know it and you love it.
Shinwa Chou: -.- I don't like puking
Mathowamew: -.-
Mathowamew: Pfftt..
Mathowamew: Just gotta find a guy who has a puking fetish.
Shinwa Chou: -_-
Shinwa Chou: If you spin me around many times, I *will* puke
Mathowamew: ^_^ YAY!

And hear me sound like a dork singing Gackt's "Last Song"

[User Picture]From: shinwachou
2004-02-23 12:30 pm (UTC)



Look at how crackheaded I look! Err, how short we both are. ^_~; I think you were standing up a bit straighter than me in that picture, but I should think we are the same heigh.

It's just... this measuring tape is so conflicting. Yesterday I was getting 60 inches (5'0"), but today i'm getting measurements of 5'2" and 5'3". O_o; I think I just need a better, new measuring tape, and learn how to use it. e_e;;
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