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PC Help! [Jun. 18th, 2007|12:17 pm]

I'm aiming for coherent...

OK. Last night, I upgraded some programs (Firefox, OpenOffice), closed all my other open programs, then rebooted. (I only reboot if I have to.)

Windows comes back up, and I go back to doing what I was before. Then out of nowhere, it shuts down. I'm not talking going on "stand-by", *shut down*. I've had this laptop since December, and only once has anything like this happened before, and not like this time. Last time, it shut down, and gave me a little crap a couple times trying to bring Windows back, and things were then fine. This time, it shut down, and when I'd try to bring it back up, all I'd get is the initial DOS Gateway screen, then it would go blank and shut off again. It's supposed to go DOS Gateway screen, then a more "graphical" Windows XP screen, then the user login screen for Windows.

Once I got a screen saying "Blahblahblah, Windows failed to load, here are your options, blahblah", but I chose "Start Windows normally". Dumb idea, didn't see that screen again till this morning, when I went back to "fixing" my laptop. At one point I was trying to look into the system settings in DOS (when I could), but it didn't appear there was anything I could do in there. As I said, I got the "Windows failed to load" + options screen once more this morning, and I chose instead "Last known good configuration", and it actually worked and got me back to a working OS. I'm on my laptop now, but I don't know if choosing that option has affected any files, either downloaded recently or overall. It looks OK, but I don't know for sure yet.

[User Picture]From: comatosedreamer
2007-06-18 09:56 pm (UTC)
No, the option "use last good configuration" reverts changes to your operating system. It doesn't affect things like documents and such.
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